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On the quest for natural beauty, Shea Terra has tapped into a plethora of indigenous knowledge for over two decades. Exploring remote villages, trekking through miles of desert on camel back and sailing into the depths of Nubia, Shea Terra has introduced the world to remote beauty secrets that have revolutionized skin care. Embark upon a journey to discover powerful ingredients that will perpetually transform your skin and hair.

Beware of Black Seed Oil Scams: The High TQ Fraud

In 2017 I was contacted by one of my vendors who was looking for a company to private label black seed oil for them. Black seed oil was the first product I launched in 2000 alongside shea butter, so I know black seed oil relatively well. They were looking for…

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The Sodium Benzoate Debate

The internet offers a depth of knowledge never before available. But where does this information come from? Can anyone write their opinion and make it appear to come from an authority or expert on the topic? For a few years there was “information” floating around the internet that lavender essential…

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Black Seed vs. Black Cumin Which is Which?

Black seed is getting some recognition. Why it took so long, I will never understand. Not only is the black seed a delicious herb, but the oil is highly nutritional and healing. The herb has been used in the Middle East, Africa, and by the Roman Empire for thousands of…

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African Black Soap vs. Charcoal Black Soap: Cutting through the Hype

African Black Soap vs. Charcoal Soap Who knew you could wash your skin with a clump of charcoal? I didn’t. Oh, hold on. You can’t! Rubbing charcoal all over ones skin would only end up in a disastrous mess that requires using soap or oil to remove it. In other…

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RECIPE: East African Chick Pea and Red Bean Curry

East Africa has traded with India for thousands of years. Its people have married and had families on both sides of the continent. They share many of their cultures as well as their delicious, exotic cuisine. This dish is inspired by the many flavors and cooking methods one can find…

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On the Quest: Namibia’s Miracle Marula Oil

In 2003 I discovered a most miraculous oil from the most off beaten paths in the most magical parts of Africa. I held in my hands a most unique oil collected from trees that had been growing wild in Africa for thousands of years. I immediately fell in love with…

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Moroccan Argan Oil: Introduction 101

In 2003 one of my Moroccan employees introduced me to a bottle of argan oil that his mother had someone make for him. It was roasted and some debris of the nuts sat at the bottom of the bottle. It smelled and tasted so good. I found the oil remarkable,…

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On the Quest: Moroccan Lava Clay AKA Ghassool: Part 2

Now that I finally made it to the bottom of the mountain, I figured the worst part of my adventure was over. I forgot, however, that I am claustrophobic. The matter of the fact is that I try not to be claustrophobic, but my mind seems to take over, not…

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On the Quest: Moroccan Lava Clay AKA Ghassool: Part 1

Perhaps my love for ghassool, Morocco’s wonder lava-clay has to do with its creamy chocolate, pudding like texture. But in reality I know that it is ghassool’s healing and anti-aging powers that have made me fall in love with this rare, ancient clay. In fact, I have been covering my…

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