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Shea Terra’s journey began in 1999. A lifelong quest for purity and a burning desire to preserve ancient beauty rituals led Shea Terra founder to create the never ending line.

Tammie Umbel shares how she got the inspiration to create Shea Terra.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a soft spot for human and wildlife suffering. I spent many hours amongst the wildlife whether it was under our Florida trailer collecting garter snakes or in the blackberry thicket nearby our apartment. Television shaped my young consciousness. I often watched programs on endangered wildlife and the threats of dwindling ecosystems. Whenever I could sneak a peek I would watch Feed the Children, a program which showed starving children in underdeveloped countries. Seeing young children with bloated bellies had a lasting impact on me. The mages of parents crying as they held their starving children has stuck with me to this day. My young mind couldn’t understand why Feed the Children didn’t create jobs for these families so that they could feed their own children, and so I said to myself that one day I was going to do just that.


African Black Seed:

From the Nile Basin to Ethiopia, this ancient seed oil is more potent here than anywhere else in the world. With over 100 active constituents the oil has been used to improve health, skin and hair conditions.


Shea Nilotica:

Ugandan cold pressed shea butter offers many of the same benefits as its western counterpart, but in a soft, easy to apply texture. The rare butter provides skin with hours of dry skin relief as well as does wonders for stretch marks, wrinkles, and even brittle hair. 


Kigelia (Sausage Fruit):

Lab studies have shown Kigelia Africana to destroy melanoma cells. Locals will tell you that it helps to tighten their bust region, essential for native women who still prefer traditional dress customs. They also use the fruit's powder for a variety of skin ailments.



One of the rarest, most exotic oils in the world. A close relative to the shea tree, the argan fruit kernel produces rich, anti-aging oil high in antioxidant vitamin E, polyunsaturated and fatty acids.



Marula oil is valued for its nutritive, skin restoring properties. Rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, this oil is used by native women to protect their skin from the harsh Kalahari Desert environment.



Contains rare punicic acid which helps to rejuvenate and nourish skin cells. Our Egyptian, cold pressed oil, is pressed from the whole fruit providing a more nutritional oil.


African Aloe:

Contains five times the amount of polysaccharides as aloe vera. Aloin, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work synergistically on a myriad of skin issues. Apply African Aloe on burns, damaged skin or use for deep penetrating hydration.


Ximenia Oil:

Ximenia is extracted from wild harvested “plums.” This thick oil has amazing humectant and emollient properties. It works wonder to soften the hair and to keep nails from chipping.


Carrot Seed Oil:

High in pro-vitamin A and Beta Carotene, this cold pressed oil (not the common essential oil) works well for sun damaged, aging and lack luster skin types.