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New African Black Soap From Shea Terra Organics

New African Black Soap From Shea Terra Organics

It doesn’t get more real than this. Create smooth, firm, blemish free skin with the new genuine, 100% Pure African Black Soap in its raw powder form. Debunking the myths of black soap and imitations on the market, Shea Terra Organics brings you the real deal to help save your skin.

Derived from the African wild, the 100% Pure African Black Soap contains only plantain peels, cocoa pods, camwood and palm kernels, which are all roasted together in clay ovens. The ashes of the pods and peels act as the potash, a necessary ingredient to make soap, and the oil-rich palm kernels exude their oil right in the clay oven. The ashes are then broken down and ready for use.

By adding just a little water to a spoonful of the raw powder soap, you can treat and heal acne, exfoliate your body and even use as a natural shampoo. Perfect for all skin types, the 100% Pure African Black Soap has therapeutic beauty benefits that will leave your skin feeling fresh, firm and radiant. Treat your skin to the real deal with Shea Terra Organics.

Shea Terra Organics African Black Soap Powder retails for $22.00 and is available at fine spas and retailers nationwide, and online at

About Shea Terra Organics

Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent, organic and wild harvested ingredients from all regions of Africa. This pristine environment, barely tainted by modern pollution, grows some of the safest, unchanged botanical ingredients on earth. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic benefits. For more information about Shea Terra Organics please call 1.877.427.6627 or visit