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New Ghassool Purifying Paste From Shea Terra Organics

Create A Natural, Healthy Glow

Purify your skin and create a natural, healthy glow with the new Ghassool Purifying Paste from Shea Terra Organics. Available in two refreshing fragrances, this all-natural paste will leave your skin looking beautifully restored in just a few applications.

Made with pure Moroccan Ghassool clay, which was formed millions of years ago in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, this ancient rare lava clay softens the skin leaving it smooth and silky to the touch. The silica rich content of Ghassool promotes the healing of cracks, wounds and even acne, while it pulls impurities from the skin. Combined with a pure fragrant Moroccan water, this purifying paste will instantly detox, heal and soften your face and body.

No other clay in the world possesses the beneficial properties that Ghassool Moroccan lava clay reveals. Detoxify your body with the Ghassool Purifying Paste ­– instantly see a remarkable clear complexion!

The Shea Terra Organics Ghassool L’eau De Fleur D’Oranger and L’eau De Rose Purifying Paste retails for $22.00 and are available at fine spas and retailers nationwide, and online at

About Shea Terra Organics
Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent, organic and wild harvested ingredients from all regions of Africa. This pristine environment, barely tainted by modern pollution, grows some of the safest, unchanged botanical ingredients on earth. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic benefits. For more information about Shea Terra Organics please call 1.877.427.6627 or visit