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100% Pure Andean Papaya Oil Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Community Grown)


DRY/ MATURE SKIN 100% Pure & Super Natural. Cold pressed from Andean papaya seeds, Andean Papaya Extra Virgin Oil is high in oleic acid and carotenoids. A skin care wonder, Andean Papaya Extra Virgin Oil nourishes dry and mature skin without clogging pores. Andean Papaya Extra Virgin Oil helps smooths and diminishes rough skin. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 2 oz.


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The Story - Behind the Product

Who should use this oil: This oil is high oleic acid and carotenoids. It is suggested for dry and mature skin types. 

Papayas make a delightful juice, but what do you do with all the leftover seeds? With the appearance of caviar, these beautiful black seeds hold the secret to younger looking skin. Once pressed, the seeds exude an emollient oil which nourishes skin. High in oleic acid, Andean Papaya Oil is perfect for dry skin. It gives skin a protective layer and enhances the moisture level of cells. Andean Papaya Oil is perfect for softening lips, too.

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed papaya oil

It's Easy - How to Use

Pump a nickel size amount of oil into the palms of hand. Tap hands together. Pat oil from palms onto freshly cleansed face. Lightly massage oil into skin. Repeat daily.