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100% Authentic African Black Soap Powder


100% Super Natural. 100% pure, Authentic African Black Soap. 100% Authentic African Black Soap performs near miracles on blemish prone and acne skin types. 100% Authentic African Black Soap works wonders on clogged pores, dark spots, dull skin, dead skin build up, wrinkles, and more. 100% Authentic African Black Soap contains NO CHARCOAL. It contains NO DYE like most artificial African black soap is. 100% Authentic African Black Soap looks like chunks of black soil. Shiny bars of “African black soap” found in stores all across the world are fake. They are regular bars of soap that have been dyed black. 100% Authentic African Black Soap is made by the poorest women in the world in remote African villages. They combine plants and local palm oil together to make this 100% herbal soap made without the use of lye. Just add water and wash face and body for healthier skin. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 8 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

     Rumors have it that real black soap is actually brown. What? Stop the record. Wouldn’t brown soap be called, well, brown? Shea Terra Organics demystifies the myth of true African black soap, right here in this jar. Feast your eyes upon the real thing and all of your doubts will be put to rest. Yes Atlanta, African black soap really is black.

     So what makes African black soap black anyhow, and what am I going to get in this jar? Tradition has it that the first African black soap was invented by the Yoruban tribe of Nigeria. Believed to have migrated from Egypt, or perhaps Nuba, Southern Egypt, this tribe had significant knowledge of herbal medicine. Although a few of the original ingredients have probably changed a little, the age-old method of producing true black African black soap remains the same. Plantain peels, cocoa pods, camwood and palm kernels are roasted together in clay ovens. In order to make soap one must have oil and potash. The ashes of the pods and peels act as the potash, and the oil-rich kernels exude their oil right in the clay oven. The ashes are then broken down, packed, flown to Dulles Airport and then packaged in this convenient jar awaiting all your African black soap fantasies.

     100% Pure African Black Soap is in its raw powder form. Nothing has been added to it. You add your own water and depending upon how much you can make the soap into a putty or a liquid. Use it all over your face and body, as well as on your scalp. This power soap can help clear skin from a multitude of pathogen-borne diseases. Many acne sufferers can’t believe how well their skin has improved after only a few uses. 100% Pure African Black Soap works to dissolve sebum in the skin, which holds onto dead skin. Once washed away, you will not believe how much younger, firmer and healthier your skin can look. The soap is used by men to help ward off razor bumps as it keeps the skin even and irritation-free. Working away at dead skin, it can even help decrease pigmentation.

     With all that being said you are probably wondering wouldn’t it be better to just buy a bar of African Black Soap from a local retail chain. No!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes the bars might be shiny, nicely packaged and smell like perfume (why do they say natural fragrance when they are made from perfume anyhow… that’s another story entirely). But, there are tons of imitation black soaps on the market. Although they claim to be true African Black Soap, they are nothing but vegetable based soaps that have been dyed black. Why are we telling you this? Because we believe it is an insult to the original makers of real African Black Soap. This is not much different from Amish dolls made in China or American Indian relics made in Singapore. Furthermore, imitation black soap won’t do anything more than any other regular bar of soap made with chemicals. Without true African black soap, you never reap all its therapeutic benefits.


*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: cocoa pod ash, plantain peel ash, locally produced palm kernel oil, camwood bark

It's Easy - How to Use

Add a little water to a spoonful of African Black Soap. Form soap into a paste. Apply to skin. Rinse off. African Black Soap can be made into a liquid by adding more water. Use on face and body. When diluted, may be used to shampoo hair.