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100% Pure Cold-Pressed Senegalese Hibiscus Oil Community Grown



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The Story - Behind the Product

     Hibiscus flowers not only taste refreshingly delicious in a hot or cold tea, they also produce seeds packed with skin nutritive beauty oil. Our Senegalese Hibiscus Oil is not hibiscus essential oil. It is the pure fixed oil pressed manually pressed from the flower seeds. This produces a medium weight oil that sinks into the skin to offer nutrients and protection. Senegalese Hibiscus Oil helps improve the level of skin moisture, helps decrease the appearance of fine lines as it helps improve elasticity and helps skin to regenerate.
     The seeds for our Senegalese Hibiscus Oil is produced by village farms. These farmers grow their hibiscus for tea as well and then sell the seeds to the mill which presses our premium Senegalese Hibiscus Oil. Your purchase of this product helps to support village farmers.
*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed hibiscus seed oil

It's Easy - How to Use

Massage several drops into freshly cleansed face. Repeat daily. Can be used under moisturizer for added protection.