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Baobab Lemongrass Regenerating + Refreshing Bath Bar



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The Story - Behind the Product

Do the people of the baobab really live for hundreds of years? We are still trying to confirm local reports as the baobab people only come out at night. But what we do know for a fact is that the baobab trees that produce our regenerating, anti-aging oil live for over three thousand years themselves. We figure that in order to live over three thousand years the baobab tree must hold some secrets of youthfullness so at this point we will just believe the baobab people exist. Either way, we are not taking chances, we are regenerating daily with a cool shower of moisturizing, refreshing Baobab & Lemongrass.      Inside the high protein fruit are precious seeds filled with nourishing baobab seed oil. High in vitamins A & F and rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, baobab seed oil is a rare cocktail of regenerating, anti-aging ingredients. Want to get a leg up on the competition or simply want to feel refreshed and regenerated (especially if you are a ragged out mom)? Start each day with a luke warm shower and an eye opening kick of Baobab Lemongrass Regenerating + Refreshing Bath Bar. The locals tell us that the people of the baobab have now started ordering their own Baobab Lemongrass Regenerating + Refreshing Bath Bars. I don’t know about you, but we are doing whatever the baobab people do.*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% USDA certified organic shea butter, baobab seed oil, certified organic virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (salts that turn oil into soap), lemongrass oil

It's Easy - How to Use

We are hearing new reports that the baobab people are taking baths butt naked, in the rain, every full moon. We think we will start doing this in addition to our morning ritual of: Adjust the shower to luke warm to help get the blood pumping. Sniff bath bar. Lather bar on wet skin. Sniff ourselves. Rinse off. Go out and conquer the world (we skipped getting dressed intentionally).