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Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula


100% Super Natural. Eczema, psoriasis and chronic dry skin sufferers rejoice. As natural and powerful as they come, all the best ingredients packed into one concentrated jar offering skin health. Black seed oil, two kinds of cold pressed shea butters and genuine black seed honey from the Nile valley combine into one super charged formula. Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula adds a protective barrier to skin. Replete with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula soothes and comforts an array of skin conditions. Scroll down to read more.

Size: 6 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

Sometimes skin needs a little help from a friend. Whether its rough patches, an area with a skin issue, or simply dry skin, Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula will nurse skin to good health. This formula utilizes nature’s most potent ingredients to soothe and protect skin. Certified organic, cold pressed black seed oil from the ancient Nile basin is coveted for its holistic uses throughout antiquity. We combine this oil with two soothing shea butters, one from East African and the other from West. Both having different skin care properties, they provide skin with an array of skin care benefits. Coined by us Ghana Gold, this cold pressed shea butter, one of its kind in West Africa (almost all other shea butter is boiled and produced under unsanitary conditions), is beneficial for skin complications. This boosts the efficacy of our East African shea butter. Cold pressed in Uganda, this variety of shea butter is very soft and emollient in comparison with West African shea butter. It aids in the protection against dry skin and improves tone. To top off the formula, literally, we’ve added a spoonful of genuine black seed honey in each jar. The honey was produced during the bloom of the black seed flowers in the Nile basin creating a honey that is full of nutrients. Stir the contents of the jar until smooth and apply daily. 

The FDA does not allow us to tell you how amazing each of these ingredients are. If we say that an ingredient heals or cures an ailment, even if it does, we can not make this claim. FDA considers these to be drug claims, and thus we are limited in the verbiage we are allowed to use.

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: USDA Certified Organic, cold pressed Shea Nilotik’ shea butter, cold pressed West African shea butter, certified organic Egyptian black seed oil, genuine black seed honey

It's Easy - How to Use

Step 1: Stir contents smoothly together when you first get your product. Honey and oil separate in oil form, but the honey will stay in suspension in the creamy shea butter. This also assures you that there indeed genuine honey in the product. We put a generous amount for the size of the jar, but too much would make the product too sticky and unpleasant to use. 

Step 2: Apply Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula to skin as needed. Massage thoroughly into skin. Keep in mind there might be slight stickiness due to the honey. This will disappear after a light washing of the skin while still providing some of the benefits of the honey. Use daily on rough spots, skin concerns, feet, elbows, etc.