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Black Seed Oil & Propolis Holistic 33% Shea Butter Soap


100% Super Natural. Black Seed Oil & Propolis Holistic 33% Shea Butter Soap is packed with powerful skin care ingredients. Black Seed Oil & Propolis Holistic 33% Shea Butter Soap is the ideal daily cleansing bar for a variety of skin types, conditions and those looking for a holistic approach to body care. Black Seed Oil & Propolis Holistic 33% Shea Butter Soap loaded with cold pressed, Egyptian black seed oil and 33% organic shea butter. Unlike other soaps, our Black Seed Oil & Propolis Holistic 33% Shea Butter Soap is made from pure mountain spring water. Propolis is added for its skin healing properties. Discover for yourself why ancient Egyptians revered black seed as the cure for just about everything. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

     Discover the ancient Egyptians’ secrets to healthy skin. Said to cure everything except for death, the ancient and modern day Egyptians alike use black seed for a multitude of skin care problems from acne, to eczema, psoriasis and even disorders of the scalp. Preserving the dead wasn’t the only thing ancient Egyptians did with propolis. The “bee glue” was used to clear skin and heal infections.

    Stone ground Egyptian black seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and linolenic acid, which help to improve the overall health and youthfulness of skin. The oil offers a multitude of nutrients skin needs to repair and regenerate itself. Made from medicinal resins collected by bees, propolis is highly anti-fungal and can help to heal the most stubborn of skin infections. 
     This one of a kind soap has not been scented. We think that such a quality soap should remain in its natural state so that you can be assured that you are getting a product with a high concentration of black seed oil. Therefore this soap has its original herbal aroma, similar to thyme. You will also note several pieces of real propolis throughout the soap.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% certified organic shea butter (after water is evaporated), certified organic extra virgin black seed oil, sodium hydroxide (electrocuted salts which turn oil into soap), henna, Ugandan propolis, turmeric

It's Easy - How to Use

Lather on wet skin. Rinse off.