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Camel’s Milk & Rose Hips Beauty Gelee


99.7% Natural.Discover the secret beauty ingredients of some of the world’s most seductive women in this silky Beauty Gelee’. Camel’s Milk & Rose Hips Beauty Gelee’ helps brighten skin as it helps regenerate and replenish cells. In a base of pure aloe juice, real camel’s milk and rose hips oil work at cellular level to help produce soft, glowy skin.Scroll down to read more.

Size: 2 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

The women of North Africa have mastered the art of beauty and seduction. From beneath their flowing cloaks, hidden behind veils heavily adorned lie jewels magnified in beauty. Eyes painted with burnt frankincense, skin perfumed by a sandalwood steam bath and brightened by turmeric in camel’s milk, bodies enveloped in tissue repairing rose hips, the women of North Africa would win every pageant if ever the secret of their beauty escaped their tightly guarded veils.

Get ready to transform your skin with ancient solutions for modern skin care concerns. Camel’s Milk & Rose Hips Beauty Gelee’ is a succulent gel formulated to help brighten and smooth skin. Don’t let the light texture fool you. This potent gel is made with pure, organic aloe vera juice freshly pressed just for Shea Terra Organics. Recycled municipal water is never used in the manufacture of any of Shea Terra Organics’ premium skin care products. Pure aloe vera juice is a soothing ingredient used in North Africa for thousands of years to help heal and hydrate skin scorched by the powerful Saharan sun. Our organic aloe juice works in synergy with genuine camel’s milk and rose hips oil to deliver amino acids directly to the cells to quench them while helping encourage healthy cell regeneration.

An essential part of Bedouin survival, camel’s milk has enabled the desert dwellers to trade exotic silks and spices from the East as they built magnificent empires never since replicated. Unlike cows who produce up to eight gallons of milk a day, camel’s produce only an average of one and a half liters, making the milk very potent and concentrated. In the desert, the women apply the milk to their faces to brighten skin darkened and discolored by the intense sun.

Although not yet aware of vitamin C, the early desert dwellers would find that sipping tea of rose bush fruits made them heal faster and less vulnerable to diseases. The emblem of beauty, it was not long before the women discovered that not only did the rose impregnate their skin with a sweet fragrance, but the oil of its fruit made their desert exposed skin appear more youthful as it helped soften lines and improve firmness. We use pure, organic rose hips oil in our Camel’s Milk & Rose Hips Beauty Gelee’ to help replenish cells and encourage regeneration. So whether you are a woman of the Sahara, the Glades of Florida or the bustle of New York City, Camel’s Milk & Rose Hips Beauty Gelee’ stands the test of time as a blend of powerful ingredients formulated to help combat aging in any environment. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary! 

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: USDA certified organic aloe vera juice, certified organic rose hips oil, camel’s milk, natural rose aroma, sclerotium gum, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), rose hips CO2, sodium benzoate

It's Easy - How to Use

Massage small amount into freshly cleansed skin. Can be worn alone or under cream or oil. For more effective anti-aging benefits, apply a generous amount to skin at bedtime. Rinse off in morning.