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Kigelia 7x Anti-Oxidant Age Defense Face Serum


Super Natural. Skin sagging? Face wrinkling? Sun spots surfacing? Defend yourself! Who says you have to age gracefully? That sounds like surrender. Go to war with those pesky little free radicals. Mop them up and ship them out with Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum. Show those little wrinkle demons who’s the boss.Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum is a serum on steroids, plant steroids that is. We’ve captured age defying anti-oxidants from 7 power sources and put them to work inside this hydrating serum. From flavonoid rich teas to vitamins and COQ10 Kigelia 7X Anti-oxidant Face Serum puts shame to all others.Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 2 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

“What will Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum do for my skin? Decrease the rate of skin damage/ even skin tone/ enhance skin’s defenses/ fight free radicals which cause sagging and wrinklesWho should use Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum? Everyone looking to slow down the effects of photo-aging and environmental stressors and improve the condition of currently damaged skin.Aging of skin really can be drastically slowed down and even repaired with the right tools. Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum utilizes the powers of seven anti-oxidant rich sources to boost the skin’s own defenses. At Shea Terra we extract our own herbs which we fly in directly from Africa. We never use outsourced extracts which are often less than 1% of the active ingredient. For this formula we start with fresh, whole Kenyan purple tea. Not only does the tea contain epigallocatechin gallate, quercitin, and luteolin, but unlike green tea, it is also high in anthocyanin which is found in berries like blueberries and blackberries. We use a high concentration of certified organic rooibos, red bush tea, which contains several more times anti-oxidants than green tea. The South African herb calms and soothes skin as it fights free radicals. We add CoQ10, a very strong antioxidant which helps the skin to retain its elasticity and tone. To boost the free radical powers of this serum as well as to aid the renewal of cells, we add an all natural sunflower extracted vitamin E which is soy free. Gotu kola has slightly less anti-oxidants as acai berry but a long list of other skin care benefits as well. Studies have shown gotu kola to increase skin tone and stimulate cells to repair themselves. To enhance the moisture level of the skin and create a protective cocoon, we have chosen the anti-oxidant rich cold pressed oils of raspberry, green tea and carrot seed. Last but not least, we’ve added a high concentration of kigelia Africana. Also known as the sausage fruit, this African fruit is high in plant sterols producing a plump, smooth, well hydrated complexion.

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: pure spring water, cold pressed green tea oil, cold pressed raspberry seed oil, cold pressed carrot seed oil, glyceryl oleate citrate (natural sugar emulsifier), Kenyan purple tea, USDA Certified Organic rooibos tea, wild harvested kigelia Africana, soy-free, natural vitamin E (from sunflower), gotu kola, CoQ10, glucono delta lactone, lactic acid, sclerotium gum, sodium benzoate

It's Easy - How to Use

Massage into freshly cleansed skin. May be applied before moisturizer. Use daily.