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Kigelia & Licorice Damage Repair Beauty Masque


100% Natural. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Add one to your cart and we will ship two. No other discounts apply. While supplies last. Get serious about damage repair. Help your skin fight back environmental damage with powerful African ingredients. Help firm skin and lighten sun spots with whole herbs of kigelia Africana and licorice root. Don’t take aging sitting down. Fight back! Scroll down to read why your face needs this power packed masque.

Size: 5 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

Get serious about damage repair. Damaged skin cells age rapidly causing skin to wrinkle, sag and even develop sun spots. We’ve combined two powerful ingredients to help combat environmental damage. Kigelia Africana has been used in Africa for thousands of years to hlep firm skin, reduce blemishes and even help repair damaged skin. Licorice root has been scientifically proven to be a tyrosinase inhibitor which gives it the ability to help decrease hyper-pigmentaton in skin. With repeated use this powerful combination can naturally help bring back more youthful looking skin. 

  • kigelia Africana helps with: firming skin, soothing inflammation, decreasing appearance of wrinkles, used to help healthy regeneration of skin cells, helps combat sun damage
  • licorice root powder: can lighten dark spots, even skin tone
  • baobab fruit powder: packed with vitamin C, helps lighten and brighten appearance of skin, helps even skin tone
  • rose hips CO2: can help regenerate skin, soothe damaged skin, has anti-oxidant rich nutrients
  • carrot seed essential oil: nourishing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying
  • USDA certified organic vegetable glycerin: natural humectant, helps pull moisture from air to plump cells
  • Moroccan lava clay: detoxifying, helps purify skin, helps skin repair cellular damage
  • seabuckthorn oil: helps skin repair damaged cells, 
*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: USDA certified organic vegetable glycerin, Moroccan lava clay, licorice root, kigelia Africana, baobab fruit powder, rose hips CO2, carrot seed essential oil, seabuckthorn oil

It's Easy - How to Use

Apply masque to face. Let sit for 15-30 Rinse off well with tepid water. Repeat 2-3 times weekly.