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Kigelia Neroli CoQ-10 Alcohol-Free Face Toner



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The Story - Behind the Product

It’s time to rethink toning. Get a facial overhaul while you tone. Kigelia Neroli CoQ10 Face Toner enhances skin tone, nourishes skin, moisturizes, balances and purifies all at once. Kigelia Africana, commonly referred to as the sausage fruit, is used in southern Africa for a multitude of skin concerns and enhancements. Most commonly it is used to enlarge and firm the breasts of the Himba women. Kigelia Africana contains numerous plant sterols, glucosides, coumarins and flavonoids. We infuse whole, wild harvested kigelia Africana that we have collected from several communities in Africa. The heavy fruit, weighing between 20-40 lbs. is dried and pounded to make a fine powder. We combine this powerful fruit with the distillate from neroli tone and balance the skin. For soothing and purifying the skin we hunted down the best witch hazel distillate on the market. Alcohol-free, this concentrated distillate adds moisture to skin rather than drying it out. Lastly, but certainly not least, we add powerhouse CoQ10. The benefits of  CoQ10 on the skin are numerous. Due to FDA regulations we are not allowed to list the benefits. Since this toner is not washed off, it provides cells with hours of nourishment and hydration often sealed in with a facial oil, serum, and/ or cream.

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: pure witch hazel distillate, neroli distallate, natural plant solubilizer, CoQ10, kigelia Africana, lactic acid, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate, benzoic acid

It's Easy - How to Use

After washing face, mist onto skin (or directly onto cotton ball). Use organic cotton ball to work into pores. Seal in moisture with one of Shea Terra’s cold pressed oils, serums or moisturizers.