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Kigelia Purple Tea Peptide Face Serum AGE DEFENSE


Natural Formula. Fight back with powerful ingredients from nature. All natural peptides (vs. synthetic most commonly used) are combined with high mountain, Kenyan purple tea for ultimate age defense. Kigelia Africana, the sausage fruit, improves skin tone. Vitamin B3 evens coloration and brightness of skin as well as boosts hydration. This anti-aging cocktail is the first defense against maturing and damaged skin. Scroll down to read more.Recommended for:uneven skin tonehyperpigmentationlack luster skindehydrated skinsun damaged skinSize: 2 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

What will Kigelia Purple Tea Peptide Face Serum do for my skin? Boost moisture/ even skin tone/ combat signs of aging/ partially reduce signs of sun damage
Who should use Kigelia Purple Tea Peptide Face Serum? Those with dull skin/ patchiness/ dryness/ sagging/ signs of sun damage

Don’t take aging lying down. A proactive approach truly can halt and even reverse damage caused by changes in hormones, environmental and sun damage. A good age defense routine should start with the sausage fruit, kigelia Africana. This indigenous fruit is packed with a myriad of flavonoids and plant sterols. The women in parts of Africa use the fruit to improve the size and firmness of their bosom. Kigelia Africana is also revered for its skin soothing and calming properties.Our formula begins with a highly concentrated extraction of the kigelia fruit. Gently extracted purple tea is combined with the kigelia Africana. High up in the Kenyan mountains a new cultivar of rare, purple tea has been cultivated. Unlike green tea, purple tea contains anthocyanin which causes the coloration of healthy fruits such as blueberries. Purple tea also provides skin an infusion of free radical fighting anti-oxidants. To further enhance skin’s age defenses we’ve added natural pea peptides. Most skin care creams are made with synthetic peptides. Not only do many dermatologists explain that peptides are too large to enter the skin, the introduction of synthetic ingredients to the skin can confuse skin as the skin does not know how to compartmentalize synthetic ingredients. Natural peptides are potentially better synthesized by the skin allowing the skin to reap maximum benefits without negative responses. Natural peptides are believed to bind moisture to skin as well as to smooth and tone skin. Vitamin B3 receives accolades for improving skin tone, evenness and moisture on a variety of levels. 

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: pure spring water, cold pressed green tea oil, cold pressed pomegranate seed oil, glyceryl oleate citrate (natural sugar emulsifier), Kenyan purple tea, wild harvested kigelia Africana, vitamin B3, natural pea peptides, glucono delta lactone, lactic acid, sclerotium gum, sodium benzoate

It's Easy - How to Use

Massage into freshly cleansed skin. May be applied before moisturizer. Use daily.