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Moabi Beauty Butter


100% Pure Natural. Save your skin and the Moabi Forest, too. This very rare butter helps provide skin with a moisture cocoon while helping to create skin that is more supple and fluid feeling. A jungle relative of shea butter, Moabi Beauty Butter penetrates skin helping to boost softness and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Use as an all natural alternative to face creams. Scroll down to read more.Size: 1.7 oz.


Additional information

The Story - Behind the Product

Be one of the few people in the world to experience this rare beauty butter. Save the Moabi Forest as you save face. The Moabi Forest is disappearing at an alarming rate. Several animal and plant species are disappearing with it. A group of conservationists realized that they could sell the rare Moabi Forest butter and use the money to preserve the forest and its protectors- the pygmies. Sadly, the pygmies have been enslaved for generations by neighboring peoples who are also taking over their forests to grow cash crops. The pygmies survive largely off the forests, and as they disappear the pygmies starve. The Moabi butter project has been created to bring money to preserve the forest under the guardianship of the indigenous pygmies. 

100% pure Moabi Beauty Butter is a relative of shea butter. It has very similar properties but is creamier and softer than West African shea butter. It makes a perfect face cream for those who need a heavier cream. Used sparingly, it also can enhance less dry skin types as well. Those looking for a preservative free cream will greatly appreciate this pure butter. Moabi Beauty Butter is perfect for helping repair cuticles and helping to prevent tears in the skin. The butter works great for dry hands and chapped elbows. 
Our Moabi Beauty Butter is cold pressed and comes direct from the Moabi Forest. The aroma is like undeodorized cocoa butter. 
*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: 100% pure Moabi butter

It's Easy - How to Use

Apply small amount to clean face. Massage in well. Perfect for dry skin types. Use on cuticles, hands and elbows to encourage super soft skin.