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Rose Hips 20% Vitamin C Renewal Face Gel



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The Story - Behind the Product

Are you getting all benefits from your vitamin C products as you think you are? Is the vitamin C found in your product really natural? Does your product have enough vitamin C to be effective, even if it claims it does? Is the vitamin C in your skin care products stable? These were all of the problems I had to tackle when I formulated Rose Hips 20% Vitamin C Face Gel. Added to such liquids as water, aloe and distillates, vitamin C quickly deteriorates in a product, causing skin more harm than good. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, not found in oils. I had to seek out a truly naturally derived vitamin C that was converted into an oil soluble form to create a more stable, anhydrous formula. This form of vitamin C cost four times more than its synthetic counterpart but was more than worth the investment. I combined the vitamin C with wild rubiginosa rose hips oil which is high in trans-retinoic acid. Combined the two boost skin’s defenses and enhance moisture retention and brightness of the skin. I added generous amounts of sea buckthorn oil and soy-free, natural vitamin E to soothe and nourish the skin. 

Incredible Ingredients

Contains only: Certified Organic rubiginosa rose hips oil, 20% natural vitamin C, rapeseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, soy-free vitamin E oil

It's Easy - How to Use

Wash face with Shea Terra’s Rose Hips Black Soap Face Wash to break down and remove dead skin cells. Massage small amounts of Rose Hips 20% Vitamin C Face Gel into facial skin and neck. It is recommended to use vitamin C products in the evening to avoid direct sunlight. Use once daily.