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Shea Terra Organics Introduces Mama + Baby Line

The organic beauty company now offers products for mom and baby that incorporate wild ingredients to help parents teach children about wild life conservation

Shea Terra Organics, a premium skin care company that incorporates organic resources from Africa, has announced the launch of their Mama + Baby line of skin care products. This line is made with natural ingredients to help soothe, heal and protect babies’ skin and includes baby lotion, baby butter, wash, shampoo, shea butter and stretch mark prevention and treatment all with unique but soft scents. Through the use of wild ingredients, this line presents the opportunity for parents to teach their children about the importance of wild life conservation.

With over a decade of experience in formulating beauty goods, it was in celebration of her 14th child that Tammie Umbel decided to launch the Mama + Baby line. No stranger to the needs of young, delicate skin, Tammie wanted other moms to be rest assured that the line uses the finest natural ingredients with no petrocemicals, mineral oil, synthetic perfume or irritating ingredients.

“The Mama + Baby Line was created after many years of loyal customers repeatedly asking for me to create a baby line,” explains Tammie Umbel, founder and CEO of Shea Terra Organics, “With a large family of my own, I know what it’s like to be seeking out products for my children that I can feel are safe and won’t irritate their young, sensitive skin. While creating this line, I meticulously chose the ingredients sourced from Africa that I personally have years of experience using both in the Shea Terra Organics line as well as with my own children. While the ingredients are different than what most moms have previously used on their children, they will be very happy with the results.”

To create the Mama + Baby line, Umbel worked closely with cooperatives, scientists, conservatives and non-profits to seek out the most effective organic ingredients from across Africa. In turn she has brought income and economic sustainability to poverty stricken communities, as well as bring awareness to help preserve the natural habitats from where these ingredients are sourced. Products in the Mama + Baby line include:

Baby Lotion – This creamy, non-toxic lotion is made using a base of aloe vera with no added water and a combination of organic shea butter. This lotion gently protects babies’ skin from chapping and irritation. It contains some preservatives and is 99.7% natural.

Baby Butter – To naturally protect and nourish baby’s soft skin, moms can use this 100% natural baby butter featuring two organic shea butters, which are high in vitamin A.

Wash & Shampoo – Made with certified organic oils and 100% pure spring water, this wash gently cleanses baby’s skin and hair without exposure to harsh chemicals.

Calming Shea Butter Smoothee – This dual action shea butter will help soothe irritated babies’ skin while also helping to them to relax. It features two premium shea butters as well as calming Cape chamomile and Cape lavender essential oils.

Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention and Treatment Oil – Perfect for new moms and moms to be, this 100% natural formulation of nutritive oils like Shea oil, carrot seed oil and calendula, decreases and prevents unsightly stretch marks by penetrating beneath the skin’s surface to stretch as you grow.

The lotion, butter and wash from the line are available in three different scents with slightly different wild ingredients. Scents include Goats in the Argan, which features creamy goats milk and argan oil, Bananas and Monkey Bread, which includes monkey bread oil and banana extract and lastly African Flower Power Calming made with Kalahari watermelon oil, Cape chamomile S. African Lavender essential oils.

For more information about Shea Terra Organics please or to coordinate an interview with Umbel, please contact Leesa Raab at or (212) 693-2150 x314. You can view the entire Shea Terra Organics line at

About Shea Terra Organics 

For over a decade, Shea Terra Organics’ founder, Tammie Umbel, has been helping native Africans to preserve their wildlife habitats by sharing their indigenous, healing ingredients with the world. Not only do Shea Terra Organics’ premium skin care treatments assist in preservation, they are also the backbone of economic sustainability for many hardworking families across the continent. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic benefits. Learn more at