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This Fall Shea Terra Organics Introduces New Items for Hair and Skin Care

The organic beauty company adds 40 products, including unique new scents and exotic ingredients

Shea Terra Organics, a line that has received rave reviews for their standout line of all natural ingredients sourced from Africa, is proud to announce a new “fall line” to meet beauty needs. The already extensive line of beauty goods is adding 40 new items to the collection for hair and body.

“In time for fall, I wanted to create some new products that will allow consumers to change their beauty regiment the same way we do our wardrobe,” commented Tammie Umbel of Shea Terra Organics, “With a wide variety of unique, new scents and ingredients, there is something for everyone.”

The new additions to the Shea Terra Organics line features a wide array of new scents: Coffee Bean-illa, Clementine, Dark Amber, Menthe, Mongongo & Banana, Bushmen’s Buchu and Jasmine Ylang Ylang, among others.


Hair Care

Using an all-natural shampoo is essential to keeping hair strong and healthy. The Shea Terra Organics shampoo eliminates harsh chemicals and leaves hair clean, silky and smooth. Also available is Pre-Conditioner to use prior to shampooing, which helps prevent breakage and adds moisture.

Mongongo & Banana Shampoo – 16 oz, $22

Mongongo & Banana Pre-Conditioner Hair Food Masque – 9oz, $18

Argan, Olive & Almond Shampoo – 16 oz, $22

Argan, Olive & Almond Pre-Conditioner Hair Food Masque – 9oz, $18


Hand & Body Lotion

Keeping skin moisturized and nourished is important—especially as the seasons change and the temperatures cool. Shea Terra Organics has a wide variety of new scents for hand and body lotion, as well as special formulas specific to dry skin that have a higher percentage of organic shea butter.

Argan & Olive Nourishing Menthe Hand & Body Lotion – 9oz, $18

Argan & Olive Nourishing Clementine Hand & Body Lotion – 9oz, $18

Argan & Olive Nourishing Dark Amber Hand & Body Lotion – 9oz, $18

Almond Milk Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Mango Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Coconut Lemongrass Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Bananas & Baobabs Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Malagasy Lim Ylang Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Raw Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Namibian Marula Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18

Coffee Bean-illa Dry Skin Lotion – 9oz, $18


Body Wash

The Shea Terra Organics Hand & Body Wash is specially formulated and kettle cooked with certified organic ingredients. With a highly concentration of virgin argan and olive oil combined, the wash is nourishing to the skin.

Coffee Bean-illa Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Malagasy Lim Ylang Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

South African Lavender Hand &Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Raw Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Namibian Marula Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Swazi Pineapple Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Almond Milk Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Mango Dry Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Coconut Lemongrass Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Bananas & Baobabs Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Nourishing Menthe-tea Vanilla Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Nourishing Clementine Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Nourishing Dark Amber Hand & Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Moroccan Mud Dark Amber Spa Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Moroccan Mud Menthe Spa Body Wash – 8oz, $22

Argan & Olive Moroccan Mud Clementine Spa Body Wash – 8oz, $22


Oils and Salt Sprays

For additional pampering Shea Terra Organics is offering new massage oils and salt sprays. The salt sprays offer a unique healing quality as it detoxifies skin. The massage oils, made with pure shea nut oil, offer similar moisturizing properties as the body lotions but with a lighter feel.

African Blue Kalahari Salt Spray – 4oz, $xx

Bushmen’s Buchu Kalahari Salt Spray – 4oz, $xx

Jasmine Ylang Ylang Kalahari Salt Spray – 4oz, $xx

Jasmine Ylang Ylang Massage Oil – 4oz, $xx

Bushmen’s Buchu Massage Oil – 4oz, $xx

African Blue Massage Oil – 4oz, $xx

For more information about Shea Terra Organics or to receive samples of the new line, please contact Lauren Verini at or (212) 693-2150 x311. You can view the entire Shea Terra Organics line at

About Shea Terra Organics 

For over a decade, Shea Terra Organics’ founder, Tammie Umbel, has been helping native Africans to preserve their wildlife habitats by sharing their indigenous, healing ingredients with the world. Not only do Shea Terra Organics’ premium skin care treatments assist in preservation, they are also the backbone of economic sustainability for many hardworking families across the continent. Unwilling to compromise, Shea Terra Organics uses whole herbs for its potent, synergistic benefits. Learn more at